Helping all people become passionately, devoted, disciples of Jesus Christ.

About Grace

A little about us

Grace is a family of believers.  We are dedicated to reaching the lost and the broken in our community and abroad.

Our mission is to help all people become passionatly, devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.  Whether it be in Rockledge where our church provides assistance with repairs and maintainance, or any of the twelve different missions we support localy and world wide.


Terrell Watkins

"Great church!"

Carlene Harrison

"Excellent Bible teaching friendly caring church family"

James Haslacker

"Best church ever friendly loving non judgemental makes me feel like family!"

What We Believe

We believe in the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we may have everlasting life through him. 

Our Top 5 Values

We believe that Jesus extends Grace to everyone and that we should follow in his steps. Who are we to pass judgment and not extend Grace, when we ourselves have sinned. We believe we should love the sinner, not banish them.

We believe that Jesus is central to everything. We believe that prayer is a direct line to God, and that we should speak to Him every chance we get.

We Worship God as our expression of love to Him.

We Serve others as an opportunity to show Jesus to them.

We Connect with each other to demonstrate our love for one another.

  • We preach to extend Grace
  • We worship hard and pray harder
  • We are a church without walls
  • It is our mission to help the lost and broken
  • We value the Word, and plan to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ