Helping all people become passionately, devoted, disciples of Jesus Christ.

Here at Grace Kidz, our focus is to teach kids how to grow into a closer relationship with God; and ultimately train them to be passionately devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.  Using the Orange curriculum we are able to focus on one character application each month; allowing us to emphasize how to live like Jesus.  We follow Orange’s three basic truths into the ministry:

·         I need to make the wise choice.

·         I can trust God no matter what.

·         I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

We have the desire for kids to not only learn about Jesus, but also know who He is.  One way we accomplish this is through our midweek program, Konnect.  Each week Konnect enables kids to form a sense of community, build a closer relationship with God through prayer, Bible study, and worship, as well as creating Christian friendship, support, and accountability.  It is designed to empower each child with the support, passion and tools to be a world changer!  Each week, kids and leaders encounter God’s Word in detail through a variety of activities, which includes Games, Scripture Memorization, Worship and much more, which all reinforce Bible truth.