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Connect Groups

We believe that Christianity is about relationships, not rules and while corporate worship can occur in large groups, relationships only develop through personal interaction and participation in connection groups.  These groups provide connections that allow us to care for others and, in turn, to be cared for.  Connection groups are places where we can know and be known, through fun and laughter, tears and sharing of lives together.  At Grace we believe that every person should be involved in some kind of connection group.  Experience has shown us that people, who do not connect in a caring group, often do not connect with others at all.  Most of our groups are open but not every group may be the perfect “fit” for you.  We encourage you to try a number of groups until you find the one group that works for you.  We will be happy to assist you in making arrangements to visit a group near you. Contact: or call (321)636-3051 M-Thu 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

SERVICE TIMES 9:00 AM & 10:45 AM

*Nursery and Children's groups available both services.


09:00 AM Pastor Mike Lovan -  Classroom 4

10:45 AM John Mansur - Classroom 3

05:00 PM James Balmer - Grace Cafe

10:45 PM Youth Group Sundays - Youth House


05:30 PM Ladies Prayer Group - Classroom 4

07:00 PM Game Group - Grace Cafe'

07:00 PM "Journey" Young Adults Ministry - Youth House

07:00 PM "Guy's Stuff" Men's Group - Youth House


11:00 AM "Caleb's Kin" Senior Adult Group - Classroom 3

06:30 PM "S.A.L.T." Single Adult Group - Classroom 4 (Meets: Second and Last Tuesday of the month)

07:00 PM "Guy's Stuff" Men's Group - Youth House


06:30 PM "Konnect Midweek" Kids Ministry Auditorium

06:30 PM "Union" Youth Group - Youth House


07:00 PM "Guy's Stuff" Men's Group - Youth House


07:00 PM "Disciples for Christ" Adult Ministry - Classroom 4