Helping all people become passionately, devoted, disciples of Jesus Christ.


Connect Groups

Please join us in one of the many Bible studies where will be diving into the Word together and breaking down every word. If you want to understand the Bible on another level we would love for you to join us and give your input into this interesting journey. We look forward to having you join us.

Children's Ministry

Kids are welcome to join in! We have a ton of fun stuff going on here. We get to learn about the life of Jesus and the Bible while often digging into some games and arts and crafts. We want this experience to be as fun as possible for your children, while also giving them a hunger and thirst for the word of God.

Guy's Stuff

When a child is the first to attend church, 3.5% of the families follow. When a wife/mom is the first to attend church, 17% of the families follow. When a dad/husband is the first to attend church, 93% of the families follow. In the words of Dr. Tony Evans, “As the man goes, so goes the world.” America – and the World – needs men with a renewed passion for obedience to God, and His Word. Join us Thursday nights at 7:00PM.

Ladies Prayer Group

The Prayer Group Ministry is open to all ages! If you need prayer, or are looking to engage in deep prayer. We would love for you to join us Monday nights at 5:30 PM Classroom #4. We ask that you arrive on time so is to minimize the distraction during prayer. We will also close the meeting with a short worship session. We look forward to having you join us. 

Worship Ministry

As Christians, we have a desire and need to move ever forward in our ability to worship Jesus Christ. Worship is not simply words that we sing or music that causes emotion; it is a attitude of the heart demonstrated in humility, thankfulness, and obedience to His word. The apostle John tells us to worship “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). When we really know the truth – God’s divine plan to redeem the universe and us along with it – the natural response is to express gratitude that our life has not only purpose, but a future that only God’s mercy and grace can provide. As one modern hymn proclaims, “Jesus paid it all!”

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry is our effort to help each & every young person grow personally, spiritually and to be passionately devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. The purpose of the Youth Ministry program is to prepare students to be effective in bringing the ministry of Jesus Christ to their schools and their homes.