7th - 12th Grade


Join us for our 3rd annual all girls event where we will talk about not feeling "enough" for this world; but knowing we are enough for our creator God!  We are excited to have blogger and author, Grace Valentine, as our guest speaker for the event!  In Grace’s book Am I Enough?, Grace reminds us that we were created by someone better for something better. We can choose the One who has chosen us—the One who says: “You are enough for Me, My child. Come as you are.”  She exposes all the thoughts and feelings that most girls deal with on a daily basis, and how to have breakthrough over those challenges.

Worthy is an event created for girls by a group of girls, encouraging each of them to embrace not only who they are but whose they are.  Join us for a fun time of laughter, getting to know each other, learning about who God created us to be, and snacks; always snacks!





Union meets every Sunday at 10:45AM for worship in the Sanctuary. 

At 10:45AM after the music to continue with the lesson in the youth house.

Midweek Youth Group

Wednesdays at 6:30PM 

Youth House


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Joel Hopkins

Youth Pastor